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At Austin Brothers, fresh and local are words we cook by. We are unashamedly passionate about the food and beer we create. Using the best ingredients and suppliers, our beers are crafted and created in a sustainable, creative, and innovative environment. If we don't make it in house, someone close by did, and we guarantee you will taste the difference. If you're looking for quality and integrity in the food you enjoy - look no further.

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A fine find in Alpena. Great brews and food that could stand up to any big city gastro pub.

Mark H.

I like what I'm tasting. These guys know what they're doing, and ya'll should come check it out. Best beer for miles!

Jefe H.

There wasn't a beer we didn't like! Cheers and welcome to this great brewery in Alpena. Awesome addition to our town.

Bob T.

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